Free anti-virus

Hackers mercilessly destroy and steal important information by developing and implementing new viruses.

Fortunately, information security capabilities are also being improved. We have solutions that can cope with all threats.


One such solution is the free utility Dr.Web CureIt!

It is not a replacement for a permanent anti-virus, but it allows users to scan their system at any time and cure it if any threats are detected.

Dr.Web Light for Android

We offer the reliable, FREE ANTI-VIRUS Android Light to users of mobile devices running Android.

Free 30-day trial

Dr.Web Security Space

To avoid such problems, choose comprehensive protection rather than a FREE ANTI-VIRUS. Try our product's features. To get acquainted with Dr.Web Security Space’s functionality, you can get free trial access for 30 days.

Why it’s worth choosing full comprehensive protection

If you want to take advantage of:

the anti-virus’s full functionality

no ads in the interface

24/7/365 technical support